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24 April, 2012:
Our internet site has been launched for public. Facebook and Google+ pages created.

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15 April, 2012:
The work on internet site has began...

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Sanation is informal coalition of rightists, leftists and centrists whose main focus is the restoration of a moral health and the God's ordeal.

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The Sanation Movement is direct continuation of the movement created by Marshal Jozef Pilsudski. In the post Holocaust world, where most of orgianl Sanation intellectuals, artist and journalist has been exterminated by Adolf Hitler and Jozef Stalin forces and ideologies, we are aiming at resurrection of the lost spirit that once was feeling our land and the world.

For this reason and thanks to the advances of science this time we are trying to expand it and gather under one banner free thinkers, activist and politicians from all over the world. To restore a moral health and the God's ordeal in Poland and elsewhere.


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If you believe that the world need such a change in the direction, if you believe that politics needs such a moral healing, please join us now. Follow us on the Google+ or Facebook social networks for further updates and opportunities.

In case you want to contribute, support or engage more actively into our activities, please use this email contact.